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„Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.“ (Confuzius)

Counseling and coaching with Introvision

I can help you with a broad range of topics with Introvision. The most obvious issues are those in context with inner strain and distress. But also personal projects which challenge you in holding on to your plans can be a subject for an Introvision-process, i.e. to hold a diet, to quit smoking, to change the habit of finalizing important reports in last minute actions. This and so much more can be illuminated with Introvision in order for you to find out what keeps you from changing your habits.

Learning the mindfulnessbased method KAW (acknowledging attentive perception, engl. abbr.: AAP) is part of a counseling- or coachingsession with Introvision as well as a customized introduction into its theoretical backgound. This enables you to deeply understand my way of counseling and coaching. It’s also the fundament for working with Introvision by yourself. This aspect of client-emancipation is very important to me.

The Process of Introvision

Having acquired introvision-immanent knowledge and skills, you are then ready for leaving your comfort zone. Important is for you to be able to look at the core of what upsets or even horrifies you in the newly learned nonjudging way with a broad and extended awareness. This is the way we approach the core of the inner conflict in order to dissolve is step by step. It is my job to help you do this without using your well known strategies to avoid the uncomfortable and to offer suggestions how you can proceed. The process of Introvision can only be done by yourself. I accompany you through your issues, sort them out with you, draw your attention to possible dysfunctional patterns during this process and invite you to dwell for a while applying the method KAW.

My work is actually more supporting you in doing your Introvision. Supporting you in sorting out your inner landscape by looking at what is uncomfortable, straining and distressing you without judging yourself and your cognitions, without putting more oil into the fire affecting you. I support you in doing this process one step after another in order to gain inner clarity and calm.

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I find online-coaching and counseling just as effectful as an on-site session. I use the open-source Plattform BigBlueButton for my webinars and also for the videobased coaching and counseling. Here I set up a virtual coaching-room to which only the client and I have access to. Contact me if you are interested in finding out more about me and my way of working.